4G LTE Potrbale Power Bank Wi-Fi Router M603P

Short Description:

● LTE CAT4 support up to 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds

● Supports up to 10 devices simultaneously

● All useful information at a glance with screen display

● 8000 mAh battery for up to 18 hours of working

● Frequency bands and SW customization support

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Your Wi-Fi, Your invisible best friend

With it, you can make video calls with your family when you take the car, drive black with your friends in KTV, or listen to music online while skiing, and enjoy the Internet at any time.


Do More Fast Connection

Whether you are listening to songs in a soft quilt or watching videos on a swaying bus, M603P accompanying can let you access the Internet at 150Mbps. M603P accompanying WiFi 3 supports global frequency, you can connect network in any country.

Portable design, easy to carry

The m603p size design is suitable for travel. It is larger than our ordinary MiFi and can be easily covered by children's hands, let alone your pocket.


Surf network at Anytime, So Easy

When you have a M603P, what you only do is insert a SIM card and press the power button. Your high-speed 4G hotspot will be operational within a half minute. M603P can be recharged via a micro USB cable connected to a laptop, portable charger or adapter for endless hours of 4G sharing.
* Micro SIM card sold separately.

Internet Access for up to 10 Devices Simultaneously

How to use good network light by yourself? Share it with your friends!
M603P supports up to 10 devices to connect at the same time, party with your friends at any time. No worry about the problem of signal jamming caused by too many connected devices.

6. 电池容量

Keep working All-day-long

M603P is equipped with a powerful 8000mAh battery. On its own, it can work effortlessly up to 18 hours at full capacity and stand by for over 900 hours.
* Service duration may vary due to different user environments.

● Wonderful WiFi stay with you all the time

The smooth curves and elegant design make the M603 perfect for personal travel, business trips, outdoor activities, and everywhere takes you.


● Whole packaging including

1* device; 1* 8000mAh battery (put in device); 1* Manual; 1* TypeC cable; 1* Gift Box


● Quality Gurantee, strictly stablility testing

Existing network stability testing with 100000 hours, flow pressure testing with 200000 times , over 87% CPU occupation testing, over 43800 hours power stablebility testing, over 1000 house high temperature and environment testing, over 100000 times flash reliability testing, over 300 times stucture reliability testing. All we do is to ensure the device you have with best features.


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