Explore the portable WiFi industry”technical paranoia”—Development history of SINELINK

Speaking of the well-known portable WiFi brand in China, we have to mention SINELINK. SINELINK focuses on the portable WiFi field and has not only obtained a number of patent certificates, but also obtained technical certification in terms of scientific and technological innovation, ranking first in the industry for consecutive years.

The reason why SINELINK is recognized by the market is closely related to its market strategy of focusing on industries, channels and products.

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Industry focus

From 2011 to 2012, the increase in shipments of smart phones and the rapid development of 3G in China directly promoted the development of the mobile phone information and communication market. During this period, many brands of IOT communication equipment were produced, and SINELINK was also born during this period.

The greater the demand of mobile phone users for network communication means that the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Therefore, in order to occupy more market share, most network communication accessories enterprises have chosen the multi trend development mode of selling different types of products at the same time. Under such a market background, SINELINK, established in 2011, did the opposite. Seeing that it did not occupy an advantage in the overall market, it focused all its human and material resources on the portable WiFi industry.

Facts have proved that choice of SINELINK is correct. By 2017, SINELINK had ranked first in the sales volume of portable WiFi e-commerce.

Focus on channels

2011 is the embryonic period of 4G. Offline channels are relatively developed. Although the price of smart phones has a downward trend, it has not yet reached this level. At that time, the penetration rate of 4G technology was also low, and the information was relatively lagging behind. The development of portable WiFi industry was relatively slow.

From 2011 to 2015, the mobile phone market has entered a period of great change. The price of mobile phones has become more transparent. 4G communication networks have entered the market. The popularity of their use has gradually increased, and the quality requirements of their products have become higher and higher. This has eliminated a large number of fake brands. At the beginning of its establishment in 2011, SINELINK put its sales channels on online channels such as TAOBAO, TMALL and, which not only saved the rental cost of the store, but also allowed it to spend more money on the research and development of portable WiFi products. Therefore, SINELINK also developed more exclusive products with patent certification.

Focus on products


The success of any brand will have a representative product, and so will SINELINK. In the early days of the establishment of SINELINK brand, in order to create an influential product, SINELINK focused all its R & D on the 782 portable WiFi device. Up to now, the 782 portable WiFi is still the flagship product in the portable WiFi industry.

In order to bring high-quality portable WiFi products to users, SINELINK has developed and launched two core technologies of dual antennas and built-in dual network cards in the design of the equipment. These two technologies can make the WiFi signal of the product more stable and network intelligent selection and matching, so as to match the appropriate network signal output, prevent network instability and give users better use and physical examination.

In short, the market recognition of SINELINK is closely related to its focus on product quality, sales channels and other market factors. We also look forward to seeing more and better products of SINELINK in the future.

Post time: Aug-15-2022