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1. What are your prices?

Our prices are depending on your inquiry. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

2. Do you have minimum order quantity?

Yes, our MOQ is 1k. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities, you can send us email to contact us, we can help you figure out a way to solve it.

3. Can you supply the relevant documentation?

Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents where required.

4. What is the average lead time?

For samples, the lead time is about 7 days. For mass production, the lead time is 25-30 days  as regular.  The shortest shipping we made was 15 days to shipping 10K order.

The lead times become effective when we have your final approval for your products. If our lead times do not work with your deadline, please go over your requirements with your sale. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs. In most cases we are able to do so.

5. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

You can make the payment to our bank account, L/C, If our payment methods do not work by your side, please contact us.

6. What is the product warranty?

We warranty our devices and producing workmanship. Our commitment is to your satisfaction with our products. In warranty or not, it is the culture of our company to address and resolve all customer issues to everyone’s satisfaction. 

7. Do you guarantee safe and secure delivery of products?

Yes, we always use high quality export packaging. Specialist packaging and non-standard packing requirements may incur an additional charge.

8. How about the shipping fees?

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. Express is normally the most quickest but also most expensive way. By seafreight is the best solution for big amounts. Exactly freight rates we can only give you if we know the details of amount, weight and way. Please contact us for further information.

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