Q: Why does the management page open very slowly or sometimes not at all?

A:1. There is too much web cache. To solve this, click on - Webpage options - Internet Options and clear the cache before returning to the administration page.

A.2: Weak Wi-Fi signal can lead to slow connections speeds, which would make it difficult or impossible to enter the administration page. Restart the device and try to enter the administration page.

Q: After attempting to manually click “connect” in the main interface, administration page, why there is no IP is assigned?

A: When the signal is weak, dialing takes a longer time. Please be patient and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. If there are any unexpected issues, please set to re-connect automatically. 

Q: Why does the network disconnect after modifying the network name or SSID?

A: His is normal. After modifying the SSID, the changed SSID, must be selected and reconnected to. 

Q: Why can the Chinese input method not be used when entering the SSID name and password?

A: Mobile specification requirements: use numbers or English to edit the SSID name and password. 

Q: Why does the edited content not change after making and saving the changes?

A: This is caused by a delay on the network, please refresh the administration page and try again. 

Q: Why am I unable to connect to a Wi-Fi device?

A.1: Please confirm that the connected SSID is the correct SSID.

A.2: Please confirm that the password is the correct for the SSID.

A.3: Restart the device and try again to connect. 

Q: Is there any input limit for SSID names and passwords on the administration page?

A: The input requirements for SSID names: Length: 32 digits, supports only English letters and numbers and symbols. Password requirements: Length should be 8 to 63 ASCII or Hexadecimal digits. English letters, numbers and symbols are supported. 

Q: Why can I not find the name of the Wi-Fi device on my other device when trying to connect the Wi-Fi?

A: Please enter the administration interface through USB connection to set WLAN basic settings and check if the SSID broadcast function has been selected as invisible. 

Q: After modifying the SSID name or password, why can I not connect automatically?

A: After modifying the SSID name or password, the external equipment will keep trying to connect using the previous details. please update the SSID name and password on the device that you are using to connect.