Why is 4G wireless router popular?

Many people wonder why 100m broadband room signal is still not good, the speed is very slow? This is because the signal attenuation after WiFi goes through the wall, especially after passing through 2 to 3 walls, the WiFi signal is very small, even if the connection speed is very slow, and the 4G wireless router provides a good solution. So why are professional 4G wireless routers popular?


Strong adaptability of network environment

Ordinary router products can only operate within the public IP of the area designated by the operator. However, 4G wireless router does not need public network IP and can operate without obstacles under any network. Therefore, it has strong adaptability to the network environment. In many complex and harsh network environments, 4G wireless router can also be used. Among them, industrial wireless router is suitable for industrial sites It is better in adaptability.

Advanced transmission mode

VPN was used in the earlier transmission technology, but good wireless router manufacturers have formed a unique situation of forwarding, P2P and forced forwarding after R & D, which improves the transmission efficiency of operators and subverts the traditional transmission mode. Moreover, the reliable 4G wireless router can perfectly solve the problems in the installation and maintenance of routers without technical engineers.

Low cost

Generally, 4G wireless router supports mobile access, and Xiaobian learned from the merchants who use 4G wireless router that its subsequent maintenance is extremely simple, and the traditional router products are more complex in the maintenance method. However, the 4G wireless router not only has simple maintenance mode, but also the overall scheme cost is significantly lower than the traditional wireless router, which is popular One of the most important reasons.

Moreover, 4G wireless router automatically forms a distributed network, covering WiFi signals in a large area without dead corners. It is easy to control various house types, and the signal covers every room. High performance CPU is one of the important guarantees of 4G wireless router. The dual frequency function is more high-speed code adding. Through the comparison between router and amplifier, it is found that no 4G router has strong transmission capacity.

Post time: Jul-04-2022